ENIME Offer Free Download of Album Title Track ‘Demon Inside’ via PureGrainAudio

ENIME Offer Free Download of Album Title Track ‘Demon Inside’ via PureGrainAudio

New Video ‘Selling Fear’

New Album Out Now! ‘Demon Inside’

Influenced by 80’s thrash giants like Exodus, Anthrax and Metallica plus later-day heroes like Killswitch Engage, ENIME’s music is ‘heavy articulate, clean, thrashy, and also melodic.’ ENIME are a band not afraid to gaze into the abyss and to take musical and lyrical inspiration from it. But no inspirations from mythical gods and monsters, rather ENIME are inspired by the world around us. Unleashing their debut album ‘Demon Inside’ during July of last year, the Montreal based metallers have teamed up withPureGrainAudio.com to offer a FREE download of the release’s title track at the following link: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/enime-demon-inside-free-song-download

ENIME’s debut album ‘Demon Inside’ is now available on the band’s online store hereiTunesAmazonSpotify and all major online retailers.

You can also watch ENIME‘s new lyric video ‘Selling Fear‘, a track about how the government and media use fear as a scare tactic to keep the general population in check.

‘Selling Fear’-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxK-a9sP6VU

1. Demon Inside (4:21)
2. Break The World (3:22)
3. Pretty Place (5:07)
4. Selling Fear (4:40)
5. Lies (2:31)
6. The Darker Side Of Me (4:09)
7. Choose a God (2:08)
8. Dead Ended (4:43)
9. Claiming Justice (4:34)
10. Can’t Rewind (4:10)
11. You Won’t Drag Me Down (2:36)
12. Become One (3:41)
Album Length: 46:08For more info:
EPK – http://wp.me/pciNW-9f0

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