Crone of War – Beneath Grey Skies Album Review

Crone of War – Beneath Grey Skies Album Review.

Not going to get into genres for this album review, as I never get them right. It’s Metal.

The first track threw me for a loop, first thought that came to Kat & I was a band called Body Count, is this a good thing? Kat & I like them.
I started listening to Dogma track and I keep thinking of a song from Slipknot Killpop. You will have to let me know if I’m out of my mind.

Craig Moggy voice and the speed of the drums and the thrashing guitar was a treat to the ears.

This is an album worthy of a place on the Jeeps play list and will be put on it soon, to have it blaring on our summer trips to local shows.

Recommend you check out this album. let me know what you think as you the fans can also rate them on our site.


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