Create a Crushing New Metal Song Contest

Reverend Rock, host of Too Metal for Church on Metal Nation Radio wrote the following dark lyrics for a song long ago lost. How would YOU or your band like to use these to create a crushing new metal song?

Formats you can send them are Video or MP3

We will judge all entries and pick a winner. The winner will have this song added to our Playlist/Youtube Channel and also get a featured post on the site.

All material submitted will be displayed on the site for others to enjoy.

Song Title: “Insanity, the Tombs and You” (a love song) © Ross Ingall 1986


Midnight’s breath, breezes by my neck,
And the graveyard is beautiful tonight.
There are thoughts of you, amongst the cold grey tombs,
Like them, somehow, I wish that you were dead.

The moon is high, and the grass is cool,
On my feet, as I walk on hallowed ground.
My heart’s on fire, but my eyes are ice,
As I look upon the grave that will be yours.

As I raise my steely blade, I remember that it’s said,
That one never, ever fails to pay the price.
As it rips your flesh, I know that I will do my best,
To make sure you scream and pain and that you die.

Suddenly I wake, and I know that it’s a dream,
Of killing someone that I used to love.
I’m in a cold, cold, sweat and I think that I’m insane,
But I’m tired of this pain, I’ve had enough.

And as I try to fall asleep, I know that I will keep,
Dreaming of you, wishing for your death.
I know I sound quite mad, but for you, I’m truly sad,
For if dreams came true there would be no more you.

Insanity… the tombs… and you.

© Ross Ingall 1986

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