Clarity Through Chaos Interview

Q: What motivates you to record and release your music?

A: Our love of music and metal in particular. Metal has got us all through hard times in our lives, and we would like to do that for others. We enjoy making music that we would like to listen too.

Q: How would you describe your music to people that have never heard your band?

A: Straight up Canadian metal with a mix of elements from all the genres within the metal world. Dynamic in that one second its face melting heavy and the next there is melody and atmospheric parts.

Q: What bands do you listen too.

A: We all have slightly different tastes and that’s what brings the many elements to our music. We listen to everything from death metal to hard rock. Of the course there the bigs ones we all agree on Pantera, Metallica, Lamb Of God, Slayer, etc…

Q: How did you all meet to form this band?

A: Shawn and Clayton met years ago and jammed a few times but life and lack of other members got in the way. Clayton got ahold of Shawn looking for band members spring 2015. Shawn had been jamming with Keith and we all clicked. Keith’s brother Nick moved back to Muskoka and brought his metal pipes with him. Last piece was our bass player Tanner and we found him at one of our first gigs, we partied with him and that was it he was in.

We are currently working on recording our EP and can’t wait to get it out there! Check us out on YouTube and all the big social media sites! Watch for our next single Who I am coming out soon!
Thanks for checking out our bio! Keep it metal \m/ CTC

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