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Here is how to submit your song to be considered for the Rock or Metal compilation cd.

Songs submitted must be in MP3 Format with all tags set. If you don’t have the MP3 Meta Data set you can use MP3Tag http://www.mp3tag.de/download.html

Send the song to evan@katsmetallitterbox.com

You also must fill out the form below. (Please read below)

Compilation CD Release

The above named Artist does hereby consent to Kat’s Metal Litter Box Records to put the music they submitted to Kat’s Metal Litter Box Records on a Compilation CD / Digital Download as a Complete CD (herein referred to as the ” KMLBR”).

Artist understands and agrees to receive no compensation for appearances on and participation in the KMLBR Compilation CD. (Please encode your Socan Lic# in MP3 if you have one)

Artist’s name and likeness may be used in advertising and promotional material for the KMLBR Compilation CD, but not as an endorsement of any product or service. We may also play your songs on Kat’s Metal Litter Box @ Rock & Metal Radio to promote the CD and bands on it.

Artist hereby releases and discharges KMLBR from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with the making, producing, reproducing, processing, exhibiting, distributing, publishing, transmitting by any means or otherwise using the above-mentioned production.

All rights in and to Artist’s performance described herein shall remain the sole property of the Artist and the rights granted herein are for the Compilation CD / Digital Download as a Complete CD only. This release does not include any rights to mechanical reproduction of the music in regards to phono records, compact discs or any other form of reproduction that may now exist or may come into being after the Compilation CD is made.